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Chemical production is a relatively dangerous process, and it is prone to explosions, fires, corrosion and other hazards. Strengthening chemical production safety management is an important task in the chemical production process. In order to improve the level of chemical production, reduce safety hazards, improve the safety of chemical production and the pumping and transfer of various chemicals, and deal with 98% of the existing chemicals, the manufacturer cooperates with our company and goes to the production of our products. On-site inspection. The manufacturer learned that our hoses are very suitable for the chemicals produced in our factory. Then the manufacturer began to order a large number of hoses, and reached a certain partnership with our company. The manufacturer also said that the hose used before the cooperation has a short service life. Since the use of our company can resist the strong acid and alkali resistance of high temperature chemical tubes, especially the PTFE tubes that can be used for more than 10 years, the output is also rising steadily.

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